Elizabeth Eagen

Senior Program Officer, Information Program at Open Society Foundations | Facilitator

Elizabeth Eagen is a Program Officer at the Open Society Foundations' Information Program, where she runs the Emerging Technology for Evidence and Advocacy portfolio. The initiative looks at the use of emergent technologies in unlocking policy opportunities; knowledge management and its role in supporting organizational stability and creating multi-use data; and the use of data visualization tools, data science, statistics, and new media tactics by civil society and policymakers.

Christoph Koettl

Senior Video Journalist, Visual Investigations, The New York Times

Who Made Your Mask?: This visual investigation reveals that several Chinese companies are using Uighur labor from a contentious government program to produce P.P.E. during the pandemic. We track some of that equipment to the U.S. and around the world.

Philadelphia Police Violated Their Own Guidelines, Here's How: On June 1, SWAT teams turned a protest march in Philadelphia into chaos. We went to the site, interviewed witnesses and analyzed dozens of videos to reconstruct what happened.